About Watch & Ride Virtual Snowboard Inc.

Watch & Ride Virtual Snowboard Inc. is an exciting new, Kelowna, BC-based startup founded by Fraser Johnston. The company is in partnership with Sun Peaks Resort, Canada’s 2nd largest ski area, and allows snowboarders to improve online and in-person at a fraction of the cost.

With a Watch & Ride membership, you can access online snowboard lessons at home or on the chairlift. Use your subscription to get a 25% discount on lessons with an instructor at Sun Peaks Resort.

** Watch & Ride Is A For Purpose Business **

** 10% of all profits go to Elevation Outdoors. This is to enhance the lives of underprivileged youths via participation in specially designed outdoor sports programs. It helps these youths develop a lasting passion for sports and an active lifestyle. They can draw parallels to life through these experiences and learn a variety of life skills along the way **

By making online lessons conveniently accessible W&R’s goal is to grow and make the sport of snowboarding more accessible as well as raise awareness of the value of lessons.

The journey from idea to innovation started in 2010 when I moved from Scotland to Canada to become a snowboard trainer. Over several seasons coaching instructor-training programs and certifying instructors, I fell in love with the science of snowboarding.

The Watch & Ride Virtual Snowboard School came to life when I noticed the dramatic lack of sign-ups in snowboard lessons compared to skiing. Cultural attitudes and skyrocketing costs of traditional in-person lessons, has made snowboard tuition inaccessible to many.

Watch & Ride believes it can provide the inspiration and innovation at an affordable price to get snowboarders to see the value in and excited about taking lessons.

Better Technique = More Fun On A Snowboard

Watch & Ride’s proven system simplifies snowboarding for you with Online Snowboard Lessons. The ‘5 How To’s of Snowboarding’ makes improving easy and accelerates your learning curve. Every ‘How To’ is individually targeted and improved with specific lessons. Lessons are categorized into 3 skill levels: green, blue and black; just like the slopes.

Watch & Ride is dedicated to selling you exceptional educational snowboard products, quality goods and items that will help deliver you the best possible experience on the mountain and keep you always look fresh!

Check out the #SBQuickTips series on Instagram and remember to use #ILearnVirtually for your chance to be featured on the Sun Peaks and Watch & Ride social channels.

Enjoy the slopes and thanks for your time,

Fraser Johnston

Founder / Trainer

virtual snowboard school founder